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Chance to Soar


Our Mission

To provide teachers and students with unique opportunities to learn, experiences to shape their future goals, and tools to use on their path to success. Our goal is to teach students how to be bold enough and brave enough to reach out and grab an opportunity when it comes along. So many students like to stay in their own comfort zone because they fear the consequences of failure. They let opportunities pass them by, opting to play it safe instead. Teaching students that learning and growing involves taking risks is our mission.


Dr. Barton is Co-founder and Executive Director of Chance to Soar where she commits herself to providing every opportunity for students of all ages to find success.

Dr. Barton believes in the power of strategic planning and research-driven decision making to transform school culture and create opportunities for students to grow academically and emotionally. She also knows there is unlimited potential within all students that can be unlocked and ignited by teaching goal setting practices and creating an engaging learning environment that assists students in achieving those goals.

Dr. Barton has set the vision, aligned curriculum, and led others as a principal in public, faith-based, and International Baccalaureate schools where her high expectations of students and faculty resulted in increased academic growth for students and accolades for the staff from accrediting and certifying educational bodies. In 2008, Dr. Barton’s commitment to educational excellence was recognized when she was named a finalist for National Distinguished Principal of the Year. She has also served in leadership roles for non-profit organizations raising funds, writing curriculum, and creating educational opportunities for low-income families.

Dr. Barton holds a Master of Education from Texas Christian University and a Doctorate of Education Administration from Baylor University.



Mrs. Aletha Scheck

Mrs. Scheck is Co-founder of Chance to Soar and a dedicated lifelong educator who currently works at Crown of Life Lutheran School teaching elementary math and science.

Mrs. Scheck knows that the best way to turn a child into a life-long learner is to create an environment where students feel like they are an important part of the world they live in, are inspired to ask big questions, and equipped to go looking for answers.

Mrs. Scheck has worked with students of all ages in Christian and International Baccalaureate schools. She has served as a leader throughout her career as a director of programs, curriculum writer, teacher mentor, and professional development planner.

Mrs. Scheck is a certified trainer for Thinking Maps and Write from the Beginning. She commits herself to implementing best-practice, research-driven teaching strategies into her classroom and educational community. With that commitment in mind, she designs and sells highly rated lesson plans and resources online through Teachers Pay Teachers.

Mrs. Scheck holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Akron.

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The story behind Chance to Soar 

We stumbled upon a children’s book titled, What Do You Do with a Chance? It is the story of a little boy who notices a ‘chance’ come into his life. He reaches out to grab it but stumbles. Feeling embarrassed, he becomes more hesitant as other chances come along. As he watches his chances come and go, he notices that they become fewer and fewer, so he decides that the next time a chance comes along he will find the bravery needed to reach out and grab it. The chance that comes to him next is a big one, he reaches out, grabs on and sets off on his magical journey. He says, “It felt so good to soar, to fly, to be free!” The author does such a great job of leaving the “chance” as undefined, so it could be anything. This is the spirit that we want to pass on to students of all ages - you never know where an opportunity will lead, but it will always lead somewhere if you are brave enough to take the journey and find out. The world is full of limitless possibilities for those who are willing to take a chance.