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Opportunities Through Collaboration

This week’s blog comes from friend and guest blogger, Dave Rudko, Chief Operating Officer of Providence World. Providence World exists to inspire and equip others to love orphaned and at-risk children and their communities with excellence.  We strive to serve as a thought leader and collaboration hub by using our vast global network of practitioners to tackle difficult issues, both in the areas of prevention and restoration of orphaned and vulnerable children.

I just finished an amazing whirlwind week in England meeting with a number of global leaders to discuss a collaborative training pilot program. Our not-for-profit organization (Providence World) is launching this initiative to help other not-for-profits build stronger leaders and organizations worldwide. As I sit here processing the events that transpired during the trip, I’m excited to see how our work strongly aligns with the fantastic mission of Chance to Soar.

Since 2001, our focus has not only been to serve children through our community of care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Honduras, but to do so through an approach centered around our values of integrity, collaboration, and excellence. A major emphasis of our work has always been to research best practices that simultaneously enhance our ability to serve children and families, and also sharpen the abilities of others across all sectors: social, private and government. We firmly believe everyone has unique passions, abilities, and experiences, which are multiplied and create maximum mission impact when they are leveraged with the gifting of others through collaboration.

As I was reflecting on my England trip, I thought about my visit to the Old Trafford Stadium Museum (the avid soccer fans know this is the home of Manchester United, one of England’s Premier League football teams). During my time there, I read about the ability, determination, and commitment of many highly successful players. However, the museum interestingly did not address one critical factor of success – opportunity. I began thinking about those who came alongside the players to provide the support and encouragement necessary to achieve their dreams. Parents who drove them to and from practices and matches; teachers or mentors who identified their special skill and encouraged them to pursue their talent; and coaches who fine-tuned their abilities to prepare them for the highest levels of competition. While each player had the necessary skill, strength, and determination to make it to the Premier League, they were able to achieve success because they had the support of numerous committed people who helped them along the way. 

At Providence World, we are collaborating with organizations working with orphaned and vulnerable children by providing them with opportunities to obtain affordable, accessible, and effective training in best practices and organizational health. In the same way, Chance to Soar is implementing a model of collaboration to provide our youth with the opportunities necessary to achieve their life goals. By working to connect youth with others who share the same career passions, Chance to Soar is significantly increasing the impact of our community professionals by allowing them to use their abilities and experiences to help our next generation of leaders to flourish.

The next time you’re in a public place, look around at all the youth and think what the future will be like if they do not become the teachers, doctors, engineers, military members, first responders, and many other important career leaders they have been designed to become. Then, think about how incredible the future will be if we collaboratively invest in our youth and collectively provide them with the opportunities necessary for them to have their chance to truly soar. How can each one of us be a part of making this future a reality?

Chance to Soar is inspired by Dave and the work of Providence World., and we are looking forward to collaborating on projects in the near future!

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