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Chance to Soar



Custom teacher training to fit your needs


taking chances with others

Fostering supportive classroom communities built on mutual respect and collaboration.

Team Building

Participants will learn several structures for building a positive educational community to support student’s learning and social-emotional growth.

Effective Engagement with Games for Any Content

Participants explore the power of playing games to strengthen classroom community and improve engagement with the content. Participants will learn several “all-play, no-outs” game structures that allow for simultaneous play and extended practice with rigorous academic content. Participants will also learn several research-driven practices for increasing engagement in the classroom.


taking chances for someone else

Cultivating a mindset that values service to others.

Recipe for Classroom Joy

This motivational session reminds teachers why they became educators in the first place and reminds them of the critical role they play in the lives of students. Focus is given to the power of relationship building and the unique ability of an educator to create hope in the lives of students. This special session uses gifts for your teachers to create an Oprah-like moment to remember.


taking chances for the future

Developing goal-setting, planning, and organization skills.

Goal-setting, Grit, and Growth Mindset

Participants will learn strategies for teaching students to set goals, plan the steps needed to achieve goals, reflect on progress, develop perseverance, and communicate with others who can support the goal.

taking chances on yourself

Teaching positive character development and sense of self-worth by focusing on student strengths and passions.

Teaching Through Strength

Participants will be given an assessment tool to help them identify their strengths and/or personality styles and explore how those could be used effectively in the classroom. Participants will also understand the strength and personality profiles of their teammates and explore how to create balanced collaboration with other staff members. Participants will learn the characteristics of various learning styles, strengths, or personality profiles and explore strategies reaching each type of learner with effective instruction.



chance subscription box

Want to celebrate your staff all year long? Give Chance to Soar the opportunity to make that possible with a unique teacher subscription box.

Designed by veteran educators, this quarterly subscription is delivered to each of your educators. Each subscription box is uniquely tailored and designed to motivate, inspire, rejuvenate and appreciate an educator. Each delivery includes an instructional focus and meaningful items. Guaranteed to ignite conversation and passion among your staff. Given the student instructional focus, funding ideas might include your instructional allotment or Title funding.



Chance to Soar comes to you

Customize a teacher training program at your school, around your schedule. Designed by experienced educators for educators. The Chance to Soar approach provides educators with fun, timely, and relevant teaching techniques that have been proven to inspire teachers and their students.

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