Every Student Deserves a

Chance t

o Soar!

Our Mission

Chance to Soar provides students in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with unique learning opportunities that inspire curiosity and wonder to help them visualize a future of unlimited possibilities. Chance to Soar inspires students to be bold enough and brave enough to reach out and grab a chance when it presents itself.

Chance to Soar recognizes that an exemplary school environment is critical to student success and works with administrators and teachers to create schools that help students achieve their goals.


Your chance awaits!

Students: Is there something you’ve always wanted to try, if someone would only give you the chance?  Whether it’s an adventure you want to begin or an interest you want to explore, this is your chance to create your own opportunity to learn! If you are a student between the ages of 5-20, and you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we’d love to hear from you.

Teachers: Do you have a great idea to create learning magic in your classroom, but are unable to make your vision come to life due to lack of resources? Tell us about your idea below!

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What do you do with a chance?

What Do You Do With a Chance? By Kobi Yamada is the story of little boy who notices a “chance” come into his life. He reaches out to grab it but stumbles. Feeling embarrassed, he becomes more hesitant as other chances come along. As he watches his chances come and go, he notices that they become fewer and fewer, so he decides that the next time a chance comes along he will find the bravery needed to reach out and grab it. The chance that comes for him next is a big one, he reaches out, grabs on and sets off on a magical journey. He says, “It felt so good to soar, to fly, to be free!” The author does such a great job of leaving the “chance” as an undefined thing—it could be anything. That is an idea behind Chance to Soar, a nonprofit dedicated to giving students of all ages unique chances and helping them be brave enough to take them.