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Chance to Soar
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Teacher Training Re-imagined


The right tools in the hands of caring teachers result in engaged students…every time.

Chance to Soar was created by lifelong educators, Dr. Andra Barton and Mrs. Aletha Scheck.  Their experience and expertise has led them to create customized teacher training programs for schools in the DFW area. Each training program is designed by experienced educators for educators, to fit the needs of each individual school.  The Chance to Soar approach is to provide educators with fun, timely, and relevant teaching techniques that are proven to inspire teachers and their students, to include:

-Team Building in the Classroom

-Effective Engagement with Games

-Teaching from Your Strengths

-Goal Setting, Grit, and Growth Mindset

-Recipe for Classroom Joy




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Custom training to fit your needs

team building in the classroom

Educators will learn several structures for building a positive classroom community to support students learning and social-emotional growth.

goal setting, grit, & growth mindset

Participants will learn strategies for teaching students to set goals, plan the steps needed to achieve goals, reflect on progress, develop perseverance, and communicate with others who can support their goals.

effective engagement with games

Participants explore the power of playing games to strengthen classroom community and improve engagement with rigorous content.


teaching from your strengths

Participants will be given an assessment to help them identify their strengths and personality styles and explore how those could be used in the classroom.

recipe for classroom joy

A motivational session that reminds teachers why they became educators and the critical role they play in the lives of students. Focus is given to the power of relationship building and the unique ability of an educator to create hope.


The training that Chance to Soar provided our teachers was customized to fit our needs and was infused with passion that you don’t see very often these days. Dr. Barton and Mrs. Scheck truly care about improving student experiences through inspired teachers. They lit a fire within us and we can’t wait to have them back again.


Chance to Soar comes to you

Customize a teacher training program at your school, around your schedule. Designed by experienced educators for educators. The Chance to Soar approach provides educators with fun, timely, and relevant teaching techniques that are proven to inspire teachers and their students.

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